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Learn how to reverse the sign of aging with celebrity skin care expert, Kelley West!

July 13, 2021 Kelley West Season 2 Episode 29
Beauty Call Podcast
Learn how to reverse the sign of aging with celebrity skin care expert, Kelley West!
Show Notes

This is one of my favorite episodes from the past, and it was too good not to share again. Enjoy this blast from the past!

Skin care is so important, and we can stay looking beautiful and any age!  But it does matter what we use! Kelley West, Beauty Expert has found the fountain of youth and developed Next Generation. Learn how to reverse the signs of aging with Kelley!

About Kelley:
Kelley is a medical aesthetician in Beverly Hills where she has worked with the most prominent and well-known plastic surgeons and world renown dermatologists. She has also worked ON some of the most beautiful and famous faces in the world.

As the creator of the Instagram sensation, The Diamond Instafacial and the Diamond Non- surgical browlift, Kelley’s treatments have garnered international exposure and helped to establish Dr. Jason Diamond as one of Instagram’s most popular surgeons. Kelley’s Diamond Instafacial has been performed on Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, Sophia Vergara, Chrissy Teigen and so many more!

With over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, Kelley has either developed or been the face of some of the most successful beauty tool brands including the Kelley West Microderm360, NuBrilliance, PMD, Silkn products, VBeauty and Trophy Skin. Kelley’s experience as an on-air guest at ShopNBC, HSN and infomercials worldwide resulted in over $300 million in sales in less than four years. Viewers trust Kelley’s medical background and her frank honesty about what the aging process is and which treatments and products truly work.

Kelley is also the author of the upcoming tell-all book of beauty “Am I Pretty...Now?” and host to her sister podcast of the same name.

Now Kelley brings all of her knowledge and her 52 years (that’s right, she’s 52 years old) to her new line, Next Generation.

Next Generation is exactly what the name says...the Next Generation in skincare.

How to reach Kelley and get her beauty tips and products:



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