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Former Miss Mumbai And Mrs. India shares how to overcome the Yo-Yo dieting struggle.

June 01, 2021 Kimi Verma Season 2 Episode 22
Beauty Call Podcast
Former Miss Mumbai And Mrs. India shares how to overcome the Yo-Yo dieting struggle.
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About Kimi

Often described as a power woman, today Kimi Verma is a globally recognized Stanford University Certified Dietician, Health Coach, Nutritionist, and Weight Loss Expert with an influence that spans continents. Born in India, educated in Mumbai and California, her award-winning successes span industries as well as countries. From her beauty world wins (Miss Beautiful Hair, Miss Mumbai, Miss Beautiful Skin, Mrs. India USA2019) to her hugely successful career in commercials and endorsements (near 300 for global brands like Ponds, Nivea, HSBC Bank, Maggi, and Honda. She worked in 9 successful Indian movies. Her move into the world of health was a natural one. Working with successful, beautiful women in both the pageant and the fashion world, she learned how many struggled with ways to stay healthy while maintaining their weight. Volunteering for a hospital meal service in L.A gave her an added perspective - many of the people she met were suffering from Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Cardio-Vascular diseases, and Obesity. So, she headed back to school and earned a degree in Nutrition Science from Stanford University. Verma teaches that losing weight should not feel like a punishment, and today she is well known for helping those lucky enough to work with her on how to achieve their health and weight goals with nutritious food choices, activity level, positive mindset, sustainable weight and eating habits. Kimi believes in the quote – “When you have health, you have a thousand dreams! When you don’t have health, you have only one dream!” She is on a mission to help people to stay in great health and away from diseases.


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