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Liturgical dance is the new SEXY!

April 14, 2021 LaShaunda Washington Season 2 Episode 15
Beauty Call Podcast
Liturgical dance is the new SEXY!
Show Notes

When it comes to understanding the correlations between Dance, Self- Confidence, Spirituality, and the youths of today- LaShaunda, has a simple philosophy: One must evolve, to where the dancer becomes the dance itself; Only then can one truly know oneself and begin to heal. 

 As the owner and founder of The Presence’s Of Yahweh’s Dance Ministry and Production Dance Company, LaShaunda has Revolutionized and Modernized the way anyone thinks when it comes to Liturgical Dance.  

Her unique style of teaching, which has sometimes been called an unorthodox approach, has parents, youths, and young adults, wanting to learn how Any Style Of Dance Can Be Turned Into Praise. The artistic creativity behind her style has made LaShaunda, an industry leader in the field of Liturgical Style Dance, an innovator in the realm of bringing our future generation closer with God, by thinking outside the box, and has shown them purpose.

 She has devoted her life to helping those youths and young adults, take back their voice, have a sense of belonging, fuel their passion for dance; by way of Stage Productions, and telling of their stories the way God wants them to share; to leave their mark on the World. 

She has been called “A Master of her craft”, “Inspirational'', “A Gifted teacher”, with the ability to draw you in and bring the best out of you. while another declared her to be “A true Warrior in God’s Army” “ that gave me confidence, faith, and a home.” Her stories, and unique teaching style, are creating a huge Buzz in this genre.

 LaShaunda is currently working on a brand new project called Backslider. When she’s not dancing, or teaching, you can find her cooking, drawing, baking, and even crocheting while spending time with family. With LaShaunda’s knowledge and out of the box thinking mentality she is proving that all it takes to change the world is just one dance step at a time, to transform, and create a Liturgical Dance Company that has taken on how the world views Praise to a higher level. She will give you a transformation that brings you an encounter that you can’t wait to experience with The Presence’s Of Yahweh’s Dance Ministry and Production  

I would love to discuss this with you..... Is Liturgical Dance Becoming The New Sexy? How the youth in Gaithersburg Maryland is changing the way people of their generation think about Confidence, Faith, and Purpose by outreaching through dance and stage productions.

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