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How to feel good and have joy during Covid-19 days

April 08, 2020 Susmitha Vegansaurus Season 1 Episode 56
Beauty Call Podcast
How to feel good and have joy during Covid-19 days
Show Notes

Happy Passover and Holy Week! Let's all FEEL GOOD with feelings of joy during this time and this special week of celebration and faith. Join me as I interview Susmitha of The Feel Good Factor Podcast. She shares her journey during Covid-19 days in India, and how it has affected her life, her business and her family. She shares her love of food and how that she remains joyful, even through the rough times.

Susmitha Veganosaurus is a podcaster, chef and energy healer. She is the host of The Feel Good Factor Podcast. The podcast features conversations, interviews and meditations, all focused on making joy our highest priority through different aspects of life.

 Susmitha runs India’s first vegan restaurant, Carrots. Through the restaurant she conducts vegan cooking and baking courses and mentoring sessions for conscious women entrepreneurs.

You will learn in this episode:
How to be more joyful
How India is dealing with Covid-19
How to embrace a healthier lifestyle to feel GOOD
and enjoy a bit of laughter along the way.....enjoy! 

You can connect with her through these links: 

The Feel Good Factor Podcast



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