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Fierce and Fearless at 40, 50 and Beyond! Taking back your power and living your best life!

May 17, 2022 Terri Bunch Season 3 Episode 3
Beauty Call Podcast
Fierce and Fearless at 40, 50 and Beyond! Taking back your power and living your best life!
Show Notes

Terri has been involved in pageantry since competing at age 16 and placing in the top 12 at the Miss Teenage California Scholarship Pageant. She subsequently went on to compete for the next 30 years in the Miss and Mrs. divisions of dozens of pageants. As a ‘Miss’ contestant, she placed 1st runner up at the iconic Miss Hollywood pageant; she was a top 5 finalist for the Southern California preliminary for Miss World and  later that year won the title of Miss La Palma. After a short break to marry and have 2 babies, she won the title of Mrs. California United States, placing in the top 15 at the Miss United States pageant; she went on, after the age of 50, to hold the titles of Mrs USA Earth and Mrs. Global Elite.

She has been a mentor, coach, emcee,  producer and director for contestants and  pageants nationwide for 25 years, including founding and producing the Miss Greater Southern California pageant and is a nationally ranked pageant judge. She has coached hundreds of pageant contestants in every pageant system and age division all over the nation, in all areas of competition and specializing in the most difficult category- the Interview Competition. 

Born and raised in Long Beach California, she was a competitive gymnast from age 12 through her second year of college, where she studied Behavioral Science. After college, she entered the fitness industry, where she taught classes and managed fitness clubs, including managing exercise studios for the iconic Richard Simmons.

Her favorite pastimes involve water- SCUBA diving, water skiing and whitewater rafting- and travel is her passion, but her greatest role in life has been raising her two adult daughters, Taryn and Brittany.

We are talking all things FABULOUS:

*Little girls- sugar, spice and everything nice
… expectations and messages received by society, teachers, parents, church . Molding us in ways and belief systems about how girls ‘should be’. How the world has changed its views of gender roles since our childhoods. 

*The teen years- experiencing ‘firsts’- flirting with adulthood, getting our hearts broken and trying to figure out who we are. 
….unsure of who we are- comparing ourselves to others- liking boys- OH BOY!- experimenting and risk taking- the pressure to be perfect- seeking autonomy.
* The twenties and thirties- when the world judges us by our relationship status. Establishing ourselves and feeling we have to achieve certain goals. Timetables for milestones differ- this can make us afraid. Second guessing ourselves and our choices. Pleasing others above all. The potential for losing ourselves in motherhood.
* Does life really begin at 40? The need to please begins to wane. Time to focus more on ourselves. Survived many ups and downs ( no one learns anything in the good times). Often in the ‘sandwich generation’ between kids and aging parents, which can be daunting… girlfriends really matter. Coming to terms with society seeing us as ‘older’. 
* The fifties a

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