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Uncovering Rare Disease with Ms. Global Continental Iowa

May 09, 2022 Trena Myers Season 3 Episode 2
Beauty Call Podcast
Uncovering Rare Disease with Ms. Global Continental Iowa
Show Notes

Trena J Myers is an intuitive abstract artist and an Emory University trained health coach. Joanna Trailov, Ms Woman United States 2020, and she created a partnership, recently released Pageant Rehab, LLC. The Rx for the pageant hangover, a 3-day retreat for women ages 21+ to provide the much needed tools for restoring, refocusing and remembering your why. 

About Trena

She began to form her incredible work ethic at a young age, spending time to create her work environment, living her platform, and practicing in pursuit of the ultimate goal: to be counted among the top influences in the world. Trena dedicates her time volunteering with several organizations and is currently promoting her platform  #makerarevisible as Ms. Classic Iowa Global Continental 2022, having taken decades and a misdiagnosed Rare Disease, she has become a voice, an activist and advocate for Rare Strides

Trena never gave up hope for answers after being told time and time again that her illness was all in her head. Numerous infections, loss of organs and with a simple blood test, HOPE finally found her. Having a rare disease and several other invisible illnesses, Trena has become the Director of Marketing and Communications for Rare Strides. She helps #makerarevisible volunteering her time weekly creating social media content for the organization and hosting/producing podcasts on social media and podcast media such as Spotify. She started the viral campaign, "On Monday's I wear stripes to #makerarevisible" and "On Wednesdays it's no longer Camel Hump Day but Blue Zebra Day because Zebra's like her are blue in the face to make it halfway through the week and holding hope to make it through the rest." She has attended Capitol Day on the Hill speaking to Congressmen/women about the Rare Community and how they can help make a difference. She has been an integral part of Code Rare and Rare Wish where they grant a wish to a child with a rare disease. 

Trena's contact information: 

IG/FB: The Zebra Queen

FB: Pageant Rehab

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